Food in Japan encompasses the traditional style with regional ingredients making for a wonderful dining experience, and then there are the food joints we all love to not want to know. You’ll find restaurant chains running in Japan since 19th century and most of them headquartered in Tokyo. From fine-diners to cheap eats, Tokyo’s restaurants can satisfy you even when you are low on budget or in hurry and the eye catching eats will totally rule your heart. Food can be fun sometimes, and in Tokyo it can get enthralling, magical or oddly satisfying, but not boring at all.
Add burgers by MOS Burgers on your list if you are in Tokyo and want to taste something extravagantly crispy, and scrumptious. On the first glance, MOS Burger may look like other average burgers but the moment you start munching, you’ll find yourself lost in the magic of MOS Burgers. With almost 20 branches running in Tokyo, MOS Burgers has a wide range of products available which include the Japanese-style hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks. The best thing you will observe is that the burgers look exactly the same—juicy and yummy—as they are represented on the menu. Burgers are available with beef, chicken and fish fillets so there’s something to suit all customers needs. With a traditional Japanese twist on taste, rice burgers and seasonal specials, Mos Burger does not disappoint. The Special edition Tower burger is available only at the Iconic Tokyo Tower branch.
Yoshinoya  is well known throughout Japan for tasty and low-priced food. With its origination back in 1899 in the fish market, Yoshinoya has kept up with the pace by which the world changed but the only thing they kept constant is their flavorsome and low-priced food. Gyudon literally means “beef bowl” filled with rice and topped with thinly sliced barbecued beef, onions dowsed in a special sauce. 480 yen can get you a regular sized bowl. There are multiple toppings available to make it taste according to customer’s preference and delicious marinated, grilled, eel is also available at Yoshinoya which costs 750 yen. Different breakfast menu items are served during the morning across all 21 b
ranches in Tokyo.
Drawing people crazy with their taste and mouth-watering burgers like the triple-cheese burger, Lotteria is one of a kind fast-food chain running in Japan since 1972; furthermore, they are known for their iconic hamburgers, cheeseburgers, teriyaki burgers and the, Japan special, shrimp burger. Desserts and shakes by Lotteria are also famous among the consumers. Trying a

Matsuzaka beef burger with the signature sauce is totally worth it. You will love every bite as you dig into
 it. Once a year Lotteria offers their “stacked” burgers which are tower burgers of 3-5 or 10 beef patties. A true burger champion in it’s own right.
First kitchen is a Japanese based fast food restaurant chain and a subsidiary of world famous Wendy’s International. First kitchen’s pastas and burgers have successfully established thousands of followers. Low-card pastas are also available for healthconscious consumer base. All the items on menu are delicious and worth their prices. The best thing you’ll see at first kitchen is the dip sauces menu which offers four different sauces to suit customers with different taste preferences. Also, due to being a Wendy’s company you can also enjoy the delicious taste of Wendy’s burgers all at the same time. A plus in my books.



So the above four places are basically Japan’s burger joints that are most visited by many that live or visit Tokyo. The real treat is the next place where those of you who are more health conscious or just looking for a great place to eat.

A health-conscious cafe located in Daikanyama and Roppongi offers sandwiches which are nothing less than a heaven for the vegetarians. Artfully arranged sliced meats, cheese and fresh vegetables are definitely going to fill your tummy up. At King George, you can create your own sandwich by selecting the type of bread, cheese and veggies you want or you just can eat the shop favorite and you’ll love the elegant taste striking your buds. A sandwich can cost your around 1400 yen and is totally worth it.

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Written by: Tokyo Drew

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