Street Food at Tokyo’s Harajuku for Grandmas SUGAMO


Street Food at Tokyo’s Harajuku for Grandmas SUGAMO

Today we’re exploring the streets of Sugamo, also known as the Harajuku for Grandmas. We’re going to show you the best street foods to enjoy.
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Find your Japanese snacks and ingredients here SENNARI MONAKA Toshima-ku Sugamo 3-28-8 RAIJINDO Toshima-ku Sugamo 3-33-9 MIZUNO Toshima-ku Sugamo 3-33-3 SHIAWASE DANGO
Located inside Koganji Temple in Sugamo KINTARO AME Toshima-ku Sugamo 3-18-16 FUKUJYU AN Toshima-ku Sugamo 4-26-3 GOMAFUKUDO Toshima-ku Sugamo 3-19-13

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