Japanese Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki – Amaoto


Japanese Shamisen Girls Ki&Ki – Amaoto

The Song Amaoto from the Kikinomi Album BEHIND THE SCENES: https://youtu.be/_f5PCnRy8io

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Kanami and Hikari of KiKi, the Tsugaru Shamisen Girls wanted to share the beauty of Japans Rainy Season with everyone. So in addition to writing the song, Amaoto, they also wanted to put together this video to share with all of you. In one of their best Shamisen in Tokyo appearances yet, KiKi and Shamisen in Tokyo bring to you…. Amaoto What the girls have to say about the song: “The rainy season is the time in Japan that we wait patiently for the summer to come after the passing of spring. With this song, we try to express the image of the consistent rainy drizzle through the sounds of our shamisen.” ——-

You can Check out the girls website here: http://www.shamisenkiki.com/ ——- Behind the Scenes: Tokyo Lens https://www.youtube.com/user/TokyoLen… A special thanks to Funabashi San for the support and rental of camera gear so that we could make this video what it is.

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