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Are you struggling to keep it real and stay true to yourself? Bernard Andrew Chappell is an expert on keeping it real. He can help you too. Totally Drew or Tokyo Drew is the man when it comes to being true to yourself.

About the Sensei

I am a visionary

Few men can work for their entire lives and not achieve anything. I am one of those men.

Hows this?

I like to give my exe's this face when they come at me for child support. Har har.

Keep it realler and PUA all in one ya'l'l

Some guys are married but how ya supposed to have a bunch of kids you don't pay for? Get preganant that's your problem sista!

Keepin' it REAL!

Not everyone can keep it at this level of REALNESS. With my tutelege though you'll be one step closer to true realism.

Filming and Friends!

I love bringing on my friends on Stream.

Even when they don't know they're my friends or on stream. Keep it real yal'l!

I was on Television! I am famous.

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